About PSW

Who We Are

PSW is a non-profit, 501c3, organization formed from the Philadelphia region’s theatre and arts participants as a community driven, arts workshop; a fully outfitted theatrical scene shop, paint space, props shop and general production workspace capable of facilitating high level, affordable scenic and props fabrication and storage at partially subsidized costs. This effort looks to enable the region’s theatre companies and other cultural and educational organizations to maintain the highest artistic standards, while embracing a more sustainable future through shared pools of recycled, re-used and re-purposed stock, resources and production technology. PSW also provides much-needed training for entry level and aspiring technical directors, scenic carpenters and scenic painters; working towards the development of a sustainable pool of local, highly competent scenic fabricators. For more information contact us at info@philadelphiascenicworks.org.


Board Members:

President – Matthew F. Lewandowski II (mlewandowski@philadelphiascenicworks.org)

Vice President – Terry Smith (tsmith@philadelphiascenicworks.org)

Secretary – Seth Rozin (srozin@philadelphiascenicworks.org)

Treasurer – Bridget A. Cook (bcook@philadelphiascenicworks.org)

Board Member - Nathan Renner-Johnson (nathan@philadelphiascenicworks.org

Are you a technician or carpenter looking for work? Interested in joining the board? We'd love your voice! Email us at info@philadelphiascenicworks.org